1. What is the registration deadline?
Please register by January 15th.

2. What is the Member registration fee?
The fees are on a sliding scale, which is determined by organization size and budget.
Below $5000 = $170
$5000 - $10,000 = $205
$10,000 - $30,000 = $220
$30,000 and up = $275
An additional $25 fee will be assessed to Presenter organizations that register after January 15th.

3. What is the fee for each extra participant?
Each additional participant registration fee is $50.

4. What is the cost to an artist for booth rental?
$150, please fill out attendee registration then an invoice will follow.

5. Could you expound on Company Meals: Dinners $22, Lunches $9? Are we registering a la carte on the meals instead of one price for all meals for entire conference?
Not everyone wishes to eat all meals, or will be available at all meal times. Therefore, number of meals is selected on a per meal basis.

6. What is the best way to get to Fort Benton, from out-of-state?
Most people find flying into Great Falls and driving to Fort Benton works best.

7. Where should we stay?
Grand Union Hotel
Pioneer Lodge
Plus vacation rental homes
Emily’s Vacation Cottage 406-231-2764 or 406-622-5209
Unique, Historic Guest House 406-378-3110 or 800-426-2926
Main St. Casita 253-882-8689 [email protected]
The River House 406-622-5298 or 406-622-3238
Franklin St Guest House 406-733-2261, 406-868-8711 or [email protected]

8. How much space is there for each booth?
8 foot table six(ish) feet behind with pipe and drape backdrop for hanging banners, etc.

9. How many booths are usually set up in the Resource Room?
There will be 21 or 22

10. Can you describe a little more what the “Turn-the-tables” Presenter Booths entails?
Presenters get in the booths for 90 minutes. That gives artists the opportunity to meet the groups of people, figure out who’s together, where they’re from and also what their venue/market is like.

11. What time do artists set up booths in the Resource Room?
Either Friday evening after turn-the-tables, dinner and talks or Saturday morning.